5 Netflix Secrets you need to know

Netflix Secrets

Netflix Secrets

NetFlix is a movie streaming application that allows you to watch unlimited movies and tv shows online. There are qutie a few interesting tv series that are difficult to search through the internet or other alternatives. Therefore, with 50 million subscribers in 40 different countries, it makes NetFlix one of the best movie streaming application.

We have already told you that NetFlix has a huge fan following due to its unique movie & tv series stock. Certainly, due to this its quality and movie streaming speed is affected in the peak hours. There are many such problems that you may have to face with NetFlix app. Thus, to have a seamless experience with this application, we will be discussing the top 5 NetFlix secret tips.

  1. Streaming speed


Streaming speed of your movie depends on your ISP or NetFlix streaming speed. It can be a possibility that you would be paying an extra amount for your super internet connection and yet getting a lousy streaming speed.

To check this out go onto NetFlix and in the search bar type “Example short 23.976”. This will allow you to watch an 11 minute video that is a collection of different videos, therefore, it is not going to be very interesting. But the main point is to check the resolution and speed provided by NetFlix. For that look in the corner of the video, its shows the video bit rate i.e the speed at which the video is streaming and resolution i.e the quality of the video.

Note the highest bit rate and resolution through the whole video and test your internet speed. If the NetFlix speed is perfectly fine then you need to inform this to your internet service provider.

  1. Peak time affects the speed

As you all are aware, NetFlix is a popular application that is followed by people across the globe. Therefore, during the peak hours users may face a problem of low speed and quality. The peak time for NetFlix is 7-9. Thus, for this two hour duration, users can find an alternative on their television screen. Even if you try to use NetFlix at this point of time, your HD video will load in a lower resolution.


  1. Give genre recommendations

While you are starting off with NetFlix, it will ask you to fill in your movie, series and video recommendations. NetFlix from your choice of taste brings the best collection from 76, 897 genres. Therefore, to change your taste you can always start liking what you regularly watch. Gradually, it will be providing you with the genres of movies you want to watch.

  1. Make Subtitles available on the screen

To make subtitles legible on your screen, Go to your account, under your profile select “subtitle appearance” and then in the pop up box change the settings till the time you are satisfied.

  1. Let the keyboard work for you

Keyboard keys would be great help for your fingers to pause and play on NetFlix video. While playing the video spacebar or enter button can be used as pause and play option, while “F” enables full screen and “Esc” exits full screen. Pressing shift and left arrow key lets you rewind the video whereas shift and right key allows you to fast forward the video.

Final words

There are many tips and tricks of NetFlix but these are the top 5 tips you can surely apply while watching movies on NetFlix. Do let us know if you have any query regarding tips and tricks by writing your comments below. Thank You!